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Can anybody recommend a good English church to go to?

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Hello sorr yif this message is very delayed but i only just saw your message.

I fantastic English speaking church is AIM in Suyeong.

It is the largest International (English Speaking) Church in Busan.

Website below:


God Bless.


Ask any questions if you like.

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Hey just saw this. I don't know what area of town you are in. If you are too far from Suyeong for AIM (which is a great fellowship) I go to a church in Yuli (stop 236 on green line) it is called Podowon English Worship, inside Podowon Korean church. We have  fantasic  preaching and strong worshp time followed by an indepth discussion/Bible study to work through the sermon for the day as well as pray for each other. If you are still looking for a place to worship feel free to conact [email protected]. :) 


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Thank you for the replies. I did visit AIM, but haven't had a chance to visit Podowon English Worship so I will have to do that. I have gone around a bit, but it's hard to find anything being a foreigner.

I'm actually trying to find an English service with a native English Pastor. I don't mean to be rude, but I find that Korean church services can be a bit on the dry and traditional side with little room for ministry, prayer, altar calls, etc. I was really hoping for a church where the pastor prays and lay hands on those in need when needed and let's the Holy Spirit move in the services.

If anyone knows of one or you feel the same way and would like to get together and pray for such to happen, please let me know. I understand that this may be a little foreign in Korea but I do believe the Holy Spirit is going to do something really great in South Korea.

Thx so much, Joe.

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Hey Joe,

My church Redeemer ICC's main campus is in Busan. Check us out. You can visit our website at: redeemerbusan.org. We are a gospel centered church with a native English speaker as our lead pastor. Hope to see you around! Shoot me a message if you have any further questions. 

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I'm not sure if you've settled on a church yet, but there is a church in Gwanganli called New Philadelphia church. Check out our website.


Hope you are able to find a strong community to run with. Blessings!!!

Caleb Lee


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Thank you for your replies.

Caleb Lee, I see by the website that New Philadelphia church has a strong desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. That's great!

I will have to come by for a visit.

Praying and believing for God's power to come to South Korea!

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Hello Busanite,


 Hope you and all in this forum are blessed by our Lord Jesus.  Just wanted to see if you  got settled in a good church?

Id like to say hi and Hallelujah to all my brothers and sisters from other churches here in Busan also like RICC and New Philly.


God Bless