What’s Passed is the Past

The training week for Company X was nerve wracking at best and nightmarish at worst.  The point of training week was to get us as prepared as possible for our first day teaching. You can either pass or fail training week, and if you fail you are sent home.

X’s training week layout makes sense for the company: They’re bringing in international teachers with only one year contract, so they need to train them as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible in order to make the most amount of profit.  They gave us nice shiny Samsung tablets and set us up for free in a nifty hotel. And the office building that training was conducted in was clean and comfortable.  And I think I made a friend or two. But the positives end there.

I accepted the fact that the week was unpaid and that the information was overwhelming. But I did not appreciate being bullied and intimidated by my trainer. She didn’t seem to realize that I had just traveled for days and was jetlagged, and had spent about $1000 to get to this new, unfamiliar place (so obvi I want to succeed). I really hate it when people automatically assume the worst from you. I don’t get the point. It helps exactly no one.  Reassess your pedagogy, gurlfriend.





FURTHERMORE. None of X’s company staff were forthcoming about specifically what criteria were needed in order to pass training. And at this point I still do not know where I am living and how I am getting there. I’m leaving tomorrow. I also don’t know when I will work or get paid. I am a firm believer in transparency at the workplace!!!

Nonetheless, I still feel okay about accepting this job with Company X. Nothing is perfect, so why should I expect this job to be? The decision to teach overseas requires a tremendous amount of faith in yourself and your ability to stay strong throughout all the unexpected ups and downs. Character building and all of that.

If you’re reading this and want to know more details about the training process, feel free to contact me personally! I will gladly help you.




Re: What’s Passed is the Past

Ah, life is hard... So hard...


i guess  ill post more taylor swift gifs and realize how hard I have it...


ah the real world, so so hard  



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Not sure what you mean by posting this comment.  Don't understand why the use of a Taylor Swift GIF warrents sarcasm on your end. Just a moving  picture meant to emphasize a point, not indicative of my experience in the world.