Laboratory/blood test clinic

Hi, I would like to ask of your help as to where can I have a blood test like CBC(Complete Blood Count) around Hadan or Saha area? Any suggestions for a clinic or hospital who does the process and can understand English? And if possible, I'd like to know their clinic hours as well. 


Re: Laboratory/blood test clinic

I would suggest the SDA   Hospital  in Seodashin dong , I think its Seventh Day Adventist , I think hours would be standard 930 am to 4 30 and an hour lunch break , It is An APEC related hospital , SDA Church worships on Saturdays so clinic would be closed on Saturday , However they are open on Sundays ,I think its the only clinic open on Sundays , I did some work related drug and hiv tests there and had no language related hospitals , Its close to Seodashin dong subway , Its marked in subway station so you can easily find it , Its up a hill 5 min ,  Its also close to bus stop . Not sure what number ,