How to get korean subtitles

Does anyone know a convenient way to download movies or tv shows with korean subtitles? Is there a popular site for streaming? I used to get dvd's but they are becoming rare these days.

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Korean subtitles for Korean shows/movies? or Korean subtitles for English shows/movies?

For English shows I generally will download the show/movie separately then download a subtitle file from a site like or (if you are a member) from which usually has subtitles for free or very cheap.

For Korean shows/movies... I don't know. However if you want Korean transcripts there is a cafe that has tons of transcripts for various Korean dramas. I've used them to try to help my Korean studying... that cafe would be here:

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Frist go follow this link:


Type the movie you want into the Search box and check the list of availiable subtitiles, ideally, you can find a matching file to one available for download..easiest with more popular/recent movies. Download subtitle file to desktop.


Download movie and put in a folder with the subtitle file.


Play movie with gom player..right click over gom player..hover over 'subtitles' on 'subtitle explorer' on the folder icon in the top left..this should take you to the movie's folder with subtitle file in it.  Click on subtitle file and click on open.  That should do it.





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Cineast or GomTV to find the subtitles.

Gomplay just opne the movie and ddrop and drag the subtitle onto the player, don't worry about opening folders or exploring shit.

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I started posting all the English movies I've watched with Korean subtitles on a blog. It has a link to both the torrent and subtitle file. I've spent a lot of time looking for compatible subtitle files so I'm going to post ones that work for me here. I also post some Korean movies with English subtitles too. Not a lot of movies but maybe useful for you? 

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What's really good, player?


I have been scavenging the web for solid english subtitles for the movie U-neun nam-ja which is also known as No tears for the dead.

Could anyone provide me with these, would any of you good souls bother with it? We'll find a way for me to return the favour. I just can't take the shitty sub files that are out there already.

If you want to help and don't know how let me know and I shall inform you how easily it can be done.


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I'm looking for a few TV/Film subs on GOM website and although  I can search and see the files, it won't let me download them (like it used to - just click and download)

Comes up with an error message, not a windows/browser error, but something from GOM website. 

Example would be any Walking Dead subtitle curently, any ideas?

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yes, on the Gom site a lot of newer films/TV shows' subtitles are now blocked due to what I would imagine is the result of Hollywood's long standing pressure on the Korean government to crackdown on piracy, as these subtitles are clearly meant to go with downloaded content.

That said, people still post them regularly and if you are lucky or diligent you can sometimes snag a copy before they are removed. Older films seem to be generally still available.


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I have a related question.

I've seen many mentions of GomTV. Looks great. I even found an English version to download but it won't open on my old MacBook. I changed my privacy setting to allow this. It keeps wanting to re-download but won't open and the "icon" won't appear on my desktop as with VLC for example. I've recently installed Catalina, my system isn't super fast but it's functional. Any advice?

If I'll need to stick with BLC, where can I download good Korean subtitles for English movies and good Korean movies with English subtitles?