Yoga Classes in English


Is there any interest in Busan for yoga classes taught in English?

I am a certified instructor trained in Vinyasa yoga. Currently, I am looking for a space and community to share my practice with.

Are you interested in learning yoga in English? Do you know of a space available to practice yoga?  Have you never taken a yoga class and would like to try? Are you a yoga teacher and would like to teach as well?

Please get in touch with me.  Any and all comments/questions are welcome.

Let’s start a community of yogis!


Re: Yoga Classes in English

Have you checked out

They organize yoga classes a few times a week in English but I think there`s only one instructor so maybe she might want to partner up with another instructor to offer more classes or something like that? Either way you might talk to her to get an idea about renting spaces and all of that. If you do end up organizing yoga classes, post on here! I`m sure there would be a lot of interest :)