Photographer looking for English tutor- Seoul

Hi, my name is JY Lee and i wonder if there is anyone interested in tutoring middle aged, Average Korean gentlemen who happens to be my boss. He is such a nice, smart and talented ex-official photographer and now (Highly paid :-)freelancer but is in a catch 22 because of, a Constant problem to all Koreans, 'English'.

He nowadays feel strong needs working on his English since the company where we work is foreign invested firm in Korea and nowadays strongly encourages(Most likely forcing) employees to meet certain level of English skill they require. 

I was grown in several English speaking countries and the 'English skill' our company asks is not something like getting a 900 above toeic score but more like general improvement of general English. The tasks he may have to challenge are English presentation(speaking=good pronunciation and listening), writing an Email and casual conversation with his boss. I guess what has to be done will pretty much be close to ESL classes for international students.  

I was asked by him to teach him a English but we agree that we can't avoid laughing and weird moment of communicating through different language while we fully understand each other. 

What he is looking for is not someone who  and i also assume my boss is aged enough to educate himself in an official or strict manner; Of course, education needs certain strictness  but he should be old enough to follow hagwon rule. He is early 40 and has a daughter who goes to hagwon as others. He rather wants his English learning to be fun by combining his English learning with his hobby which is Photography. As mentioned above, he was ex-photographer and now do it as freelancer.

So, i would like to invite candidates who is 1. interested in photography(or who would want to learn) 2. like to travel (He has a car) and strong in general English(Native). 
In case of language barrier or open discussion of how to educate him, as a person who works with him 10 hours a day and five days a week, i think i have some ideas. 

Feel free to send me an email

[email protected] 

Best regards
JY Lee

Re: Photographer looking for English tutor- Seoul

Hi Good day!


My name is Mary Joy from Philippines!

Sorry for getting some of your time reading this message. 

I'am an online English tutor to Korean and Japanese student. I'am very much interested in Korea, everything about Korea. Including people, culture, language and even food. I know some conversational Korean words.

I have read your post in this site, and I'm very interested in this. I've been teaching English more than a year to a different age through online. I love meeting and talking to different nationalities that's why I'm enjoying teching English. 

But I'm afraid, that you required someone who is living in Korea. 

But if not, please free to email me.

[email protected]

I'm also willing to have a small chat with you. ^_^


Thank you! 

Have a nice day!


Re: Photographer looking for English tutor- Seoul

this is an interesting offer, unfortunately  i dont live in seoul, i live in Busan,

so whenever you stop by Busan please feel free to contact me, i will give my personal contact on private message. i am really interested in photography especially learning from a highly pro photographer in Korea.