Re-newing Medical Check

Time to re-sign and I am being asked to get a basic medical check up.

I checked with the wonderful Nurse Lee at Dongeui Medical but the check is 90,000W, which my teachers insist is too much for something so basic.

I found the list of accredited hospitals on the immigration office site as follows: 

The Korea Baptist Convention Medical Foundation (Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital)

Busan ST. Mary's Medical Center

Bumin Hospital

EunSung Medical Center Good Sansun Hospital

Eungsugn Medical Foundation Good Gang-an Hospital

Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital

Has anyone gotten their medical check at any of these hospitals and if so, how much was it? Thanks!

Re: Re-newing Medical Check

Hello, there.

This is what I got from the staff working for the English teachers in EPIC program.

If you are re newing your contract with EPIC, you don't need a full checkup which includes drug test and HIV ( costs about 93,000won at Dongeui Medical Center and takes about a week to get the result).

You go to the designated hospitals for the checkup and ask for 공무원 채용 신검 ( civil servant medical checkup) ( costs about 30,000 won at Dongeui Medical Center and takes 2days to get the result).

Please bring one passport size photo with you.


RN. Lee, Hei Sung  (010-9457-8941)

Re: Re-newing Medical Check

Hyosung City Hospital near Centum City charges 60,000 won.  They are a little intimidated if you come without a Korean, and they have absolutely no regard for patient privacy (they'll dicuss the details of your exam with anyone, anywhere, anytime - as long as they are Korean).  If the latter doesn't bother you, the former is the best price I've found.

Re: Re-newing Medical Check

I went to the Inje Univ Haeundae Paik Hosp ,   In korean its Beck Byoungwon , It  cost 100 000  , It was very  easy and not in any way stressful , I did not  feel like a goldfish , 

Re: Re-newing Medical Check

i forgot to mention , Mostof the doctors and nurses  speak some English , So its very easy to handle your exam