3 (Months) is the magic number (of getting out of your contract)

Hi! I need some advice. I'm pretty thoroughly unhappy with my current job and think they might be thinking the same about me and am looking to get out the contract and get another hagwon job here. I met a foreigner in a similar situation a bit ago and she mentioned she was in the same boat, had done some research, and had learned that one must work for one's hagwon for 3 months before attempting to get one's hagwon to agree to terminate the contract WITHOUT starting the visa process from scratch. Tha'ts my biggest concern. I do not want to go back home and will likely be crashing at a friend's if I have any time in between jobs and don't want to have to wait months for all the FBI etc. to get all of my docs sorted. 

So basically on an E2 visa, if one can get one's hagwon to sign a letter of release, one can get a FT job at a different hagwon without having to start all of the paperwork from scratch and what I am looking for is confirmation of whether this is true or not(?). I realize I will likely be required to pay back my airfair but so be it. The hgawon is kind of a joke but takes themselves seriously enough that we (me and the hagwon) are just not in accord. I'd go into more detail but won't just in case any of the foreigners who work there (and are strangely loyal to this place) go on this site.

Assuming I can get a letter of release, is 3 months the magic number to not have to start all over again?


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Hi there,

Personally I've not heard of this 3 month rule. I quit a job in Seoul after a month, worked my 2 months notice and moved down to Busan. The hagwon gave me a letter of release which meant when you get a new job, you take that to the immigration office and your ARC just gets stamped with new dates etc on the back. As far as I know, the letter of release is crucial to not starting the paperwork again so this is what you need to get as a priority. Some schools can be reluctant to help out, so ask nicely :) Hope that helps.

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You can leave your job any time you want, without any legal problems.


If you work for a hagwon, they might make your life difficult using various tricks to play around.

The best thing to do would be to get a job, transfer visa to new school and give your school the info you will be leaving.

If your school has treated you well, may I suggest you show the same level of courtesy.

If not, cover your grounds and make sure they can't mess with you to much by minimizing information.

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There is a 3 month probation period on most contracts , A school does make some effort to bring a teacher to Korea , It also will take them some time to bring another teacher so its best to mutually agree on matters with a school . However at this moment it seems there are more teachers then jobs in Busan at moment ,  Its true that schools  will look sometimes to hire a teacher from within Korea to save money  . From bankrupted and closing schools , fired teachers , and teachers who quit ,  

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I recommend calling the immigration and getting the information from them.


When I transferred schools mid-contract, 6 months on the visa was required in order to transfer the visa.  If the visa is transferred, you don't have to reapply for a new one.  If it's not transferred, then you need to apply for a new one and go on a visa run.

This was in 2010 and in Seoul, so you may want to get in touch with immigration and find out for sure.

Good luck!