Foreigner Community Centre???

Dear all,

I have been living in Namcheon and Gwangan beach area for 6 month, and yet I still don't know where the foreigner community centre in this area is?

I want to know because I heard that we can consult about living, activities and parenting to community centre in English.


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Re: Foreigner Community Centre???

Hmm..I have lived in that area for quite a while and have never heard of there being such a thing. 

Hopefully someone else has an idea about this, but for me the best place to consult with others has been on forums like this. 

Re: Foreigner Community Centre???

Do you mean the multicultural support center (다문화가족지원센터)? If so, here is the link for the one in Namgu.  It appears to be run out of the Namgu Women's Center.

There is also a multicultural center in Haeundae New Town.  

 I have never been personally, so I don't know how their English level is, but I think they might have the information you are looking for there. I know they offer free Korean classes ^^  It's aimed towards foreigners (usually women) who are married to Koreans, but I think anyone can go.



Re: Foreigner Community Centre???

Thanks everyone,


BFIA is the best so far to get assistances about living in Korea, they speak your langauge too, that's super!


How about the namgu sport centre? Any experiences?