Busan Gay Club Opening: Volt

Last time I visited Busan, there wasn't a gay club, which is a bit ridiculous for a city of more than 3 million. Luckily for the gays down south, there is a new club in town.

Volt is opening this Friday in the Seomyeon district. The second floor basement will be a club, with music and dancing while the first basement floor will be a calmer atmosphere with soju, food and noraebang.

I don't really know the precise location... the map on this flyer isn't the greatest. Any readers located in Busan that could enlighten me?


Re: Busan Gay Club Opening: Volt

Maps actually pretty good if you live in Busan and know Seomyeon. 

If you walk on the other side of the road from Judies Taehwa away from Lotte Department store you will get to Pagoda Hagwon. Take the next right and then first right. If you see Kyobo bookstore on the other side of the street you've gone to far.

That whole street is full of bars and noraebangs etc. 

Here is a Naver street map. Click on the X in the top right to return to map view



Re: Busan Gay Club Opening: Volt

With all due respect is the phrase- "its the hottest hunting place" needed??? I think it's a little direct, isn't it? Maybe you got deer, mouse and ducks in their? lol. Not that I'm a hoonter like. Enjoy!