Korean Baseball - Live Internet Streaming

If you are a fan of the Lotte Giants or just Korean baseball in general and either, like me, decided you don't need a TV or haven't subscribed to the full cable package, you can now get live streaming baseball on your computer without having to go through any complicated sign-up for membership stuff that so many sites have.

Go to http://sportstv.afreeca.com/kbo/ and click on the VOD live game of your choice. Install in the necessary software and Active X controls and away you go. (Internet Explorer only works for this). The stream is pretty damn superb at 3000K

Also if you missed the game or want to re-live that Lee Dae Ho home run you can watch all the old games in full by clicking on 야구다시보기 near the top right of screen and finding the appropriate game.

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You may also go to giantsclub.com   and  go to the naverpart   or press baseball its in Korean but you will be able to figure it out after a few minutes . They show the games there too . You can watch 4 games at one time . You also can go to

tving.com     on computer   and    tving ap on smart phone   Some shows are free to watch . Baseball is free . If you pay 6000 a month    you can watch all tv channels on computer , smartphone , or Ipad . Some shows are not from Korean tv such as cnn , and channels from other  countries too . I am not sure many channels but from all over the globe .   

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I switched over to Naver last season, I think it's much better and more reliable. I just go to naver and type 야구 then just click the red button next to the games.

Although saying that Afreeca is always good for next day highlights and full games if you missed the game.

If you do go to a game and are a foreigner chances are high you will be on TV at some point. So, it's always fun to try and spot yourself the day after, or if a friend is watching at home they can tell you when you were on TV, which is better than watching 3 hours of baseball again!

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I do like Korean baseball alot but I don't like the tie game after 12 innings . Yesterday  Nexon Samsung tied at 3 . I call this Ah gee (baby ) baseball . Except for this Korean baseball is awesome . I remember going to 1984 Olympic in LA   Taiwan beat USA   in 18 in .  I also remember going to Dodger Stadium for a twin bill  vs Atl . It was a hot summer day temp 38 c  or 100 F . First game went 18 in . It was nice memory . Second game players  swang at first pitch  and game was over quickly  lol /  Korean baseball should make a rule   if 12 in tied  just play next day to finish game  before new  game .  Suspend the game . I asked many Koreans why have tied game ?  Some said  players will be tired lol   others said many people use public transportation . I get that so just suspend game till next day . Extra innings  games make great  memories .  

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If you can remember being at game to midnight its good memory   . Why tie  games ? lol  Oh    find schedule  on website