Where can I get lamb meat?

I want to do some cooking with lamb, does anyone know of a butcher or shop I could get it?


Re: Where can I get lamb meat????

The Asian supermarkets in Sasang definitely sell it frozen. Check this older post here for more details and directions


Or you can buy online, although prices have shot up a lot from a few years now when you could get about 6 lamb chops for 15 bucks, now they are over 40.

Just search '양고기'. Most of the major sites accept ARC numbers these days.


I was once told, by another butcher, that there is a butcher in Nampodong that sells it in amongst all the food stores across from the main clothes market in Gukje market, but have never had any luck finding him.

If you do find it. Let me know!



Re: Where can I get lamb meat?

or you can try COSTCO.

I saw they sell some imported product in there.

but be care for when you search local butcher shop for lamb meat because most people end up getting

goat meat xD