Yoga near Oncheonhang or Dongnae

I am looking for a yoga studio near Oncheonhang or Dongnae.  Any suggestions? Specific directions to yoga studio location would be super helpful.  Thank you!  

Re: Yoga near Oncheonhang or Dongnae


zen the yoga clinic

-telephone naumber : 051-554-9065

-address : Busan Dongnea-gu Oncheon-dong 503-29 대양building 3rd floor

-website : http//


zen yoga

-telephone naumber : 051-524-0354

-address : Busan Dongnea-gu Allak-dong 471-48

-website : http//


Akash yoga

-telephone naumber : 051-747-0993

-address : Busan Dongnae-gu Myeongnyun-dong 528-4

-website :

This information is gotten from naver search so the clnics may not provide a service for foreigner. and I recommend that you visit the web site before you call the yaga clinic.