My cat has been stranded by her vet.

Hi.  My husband and I are responsible pet owners.  Planning well in advance, we booked a spot for our cat at a vet, who advertises on here, two months ago.  Well, today, a week before Chuseok, when we were to go away, she sent an email cancelling the booking.  This is inconsiderate and unprofessional.  We can't cancel our flights or hotel now and hope to get a refund back.  So we are stuck.

we decided to shorten our trip and leave our cat at home.  Lack of response and the consideration that it is too much to ask someone on short notice to look after our cat.

Thanks for your response. We did use this vet for several years. We trusted her. But now we will be looking for alternatives for the future.

Re: My cat has been stranded by her vet.

Try another vet that boards animals.  I have seen plenty of other places around.  If you are leaving on the 28th you have plenty of time to find a place. 

I think I have an idea of the place that you are talking about.  That is very strange.  My wife and I have taken our cat there for boarding multiple times and have never had a problem.

Did you let the vet know how you felt?


Re: My cat has been stranded by her vet.

Ok so your vet decided to cancel your appointment, or the spot you had booked for your cat. Schmucks. That sucks. But really, whining about it on an expat internet forum?

Re: My cat has been stranded by her vet.


Contrary to what the above posted so passionately stated, I feel for you and would be furious if that happened to me and my dogs.  I recommend a really good VET that provides boarding and a roaming space for your loved one while you are away. They are located in Jangsan.



They speak English and provide excellent care. I trust my dogs lives with them!