Samsung Learning That Apple Isn’t

Samsung Has Been Dealt a Mighty Blow
It is not news that Samsung and Apple have been engaged in a bitter legal battle around the world. It is also not news that in the U.S., Samsung has lost, and has lost big. What IS news is that Samsung Electronics is surprised, and has reacted in the way as reported in The Korea Times.

Then Again…
Maybe this shouldn’t be news, either. But it is. This is the same company that has played displayed hubris in the past. In 2011, Samsung forced to eliminate a blog critical of the Galaxy II smartphone. Korean chaebol have often treated regulations with blatant disregard. Maybe, some of that is changing. Hanhwa’s CEO was sentenced to a 4 year jail term in the very recent past. However, as is reported here, not only does this episode damage Samsung’s reputation, but it may have some real business ramifications. Not only may certain products be restricted from being sold in the U.S., but the jury has awarded $1Billion USD payable by Samsung to Apple. And its worse: the judge can TRIPLE that amount.

Another Example of Korea’s Growing Pains
As this blog has pointed out on numerous occasions, Korea has now joined the first world. There is little doubt about that. However, there is also little doubt that other aspects of Korea’s behavior have not kept pace with the global community. That Samsung has attempted to use the same mode of operation in the U.S., that Samsung expected to get away with this behavior, and is surprised at the U.S. justice system’s decision, all serve as a painful (and potentially very expensive) example to all. Just ask a Samsung Electronics’ shareholder. That person is 7% poorer today than he/she was just 72 hours ago.


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I thinkl this is justice for Apple. If Koreans are as smart and capable as they tout, then they should be able to come back with a new and better phone and knock out Apple. If not, then close the copying division (phones) and stick with the chips and conductors.

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I really don't get why Samsung should be fined for producing rectangular phones or pads with rounded edges. And I don't get why people think Apple was right in suing the company.

As the trend in electronics further progresses, the designs are getting more and more minimalists, and there really isn't much space in designing very different products. If you go to a cellphone shop, try having a look at the dozens of new smartphones on the shelves and try telling which one is which brand. Whether it be HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, or whichever other brand, they are pretty much all copycats.

Apple simply does not own rights to a rectangular shape with rounded edges. It simple decided to sue Samsung because Samsung happens to be doing pretty damn well, and Apple shareholders are not so happy about that. Since there are very, very powerful vested interests within Apple in keeping its world's largest share of the smartphone market, and since Samsung is nearly as big as Apple in terms of market shares for this particular area, it is no wonder Apple decided to sue Samsung and not just about every other single brand out there.

Apple lost big too to a court in Korea, after it was found it infringed on wireless patents. It cannot sell anymore its iphones (except for the latest 4S) nor its iPads. Companies copy each other and it's rather normal in this kind of industry. The funny thing is that now already brainwashed consumers, especially in the US, will have even less choice when purchasing electronics, and the prices might be driven up as a result.


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The infringements were not about physical design, that point is moot. It was about how Samsung blatently stole Apples software features, after being warned about it, and offered leasing options. That to me is just theivery and shows that Samsung has no morals and never again will i buy an imitation samsung product.

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And Apple hasn't ripped off of other manufacturers? Please. The only thing I can think of that is down-pat Apple's is the bounce back feature (which is pretty snazzy, though eerily reminscent of Compiz's features) and possibly the "pinch to zoom". Otherwise, if you're talking about software, concepts like "double tap to open", the app drawer, and "tap and drag docs" (which are features that have been patented by Apple and have come up in the case) aren't exactly cutting edge and aren't in Apple's sole providence, as they'd like you to believe.

Moreso, they're warding off innovation by intimidating any competitors who wants wants to employ reasonable and practical features to their phones/software. By targeting the largest Android carrier, they're effectively telling the competitors that they'll go after anyone that uses features that are necessary for functional touch screens and mobile OSes. They've been awarded patents for things like a "rectangle with rounded edges". Should they have been awareded those patents in the first place? And yes, these were issues in the courtroom. Arguments were based upon the idea that a mobile device with bezeled rectangle with rounded edges with a flat screen that came in black and white was Apples and Apple's alone. These features were purported to have misled the consumer to think that other devices resembling this (ie Samsung) were, in fact, Apple. 

And yes, they're revolutionary. They're the industry leader atm. The market acknowledges this and has, looking at their stocks. Had you asked me about Apple before this whole fiasco, I would've said that they're a fine company, but not for me. But now...If the product's high costs (including not only money, but an exclusive media relationship with Apple/iTunes) are justified, then Samsungs phone wouldn't have fared as well in the market as they did. If a product's inferior, then it'll sink. Simple. Samsung took concepts by Apple and did them better in many people's opinion, including mine. Their decision to run open-source Android offers more choice to the consumer at no cost. Their addition of microSD allows expandable memory and doesn't necessitate that you buy the biggest (or additional) models if you want any sort of workable storage space. Removable batteries so you device isn't kaputt when the battery eventually goes much? Apple's imperialistic tendencies in technological world suggests that they hate this (and if you think that's melodrama- the "imperialistic tendencies" bit- I will then ask you eg whether or not you can swap mp3s with relative ease between computers once subsumed by iTunes. let's not consider their patent craze). Everything in Apple is proprietary and made to last you for maybe 2 releases. They're closed source so what they paternalistically decide for you is what you're stuck with.

And if you will really have me believe that you mistook an iPhone for a Samsung whatever, then I'll tell you that you need your eyes checked. Yes, they're similar, but so are so many products in the market place. I mean, a smartphone can only take on so many forms (let's also discount the prior art/design that Samsung had w/r/t their products, the evidence that wasn't admitted in court). You'll retort that this isn't about design. I reply: Yes, it is. How else could one "copy" the "look and feel" of the product? Then, some blurb about patents. Again, should those patents have been awarded in the first place? 

Either way, the decision'll probably be appealed eventually. if only for that a case involving the fearsome patent laws, whose twists and labrynthine turns spin the heads of even the saaviest of inventors, a case this complex was entrusted to a laypersons jury whose members are from the heart of Silicone Valley where Jobs is a God- people that goes on record as having members who decided after the first few days that they'd be in favor for Apple; that awarded Apple based on a determination to punish Samsung, not compensate Apple, against instructions; that erroneously awarded more to Apple until inconsistencies in their numbers were found; that came to a highly-biased decision in only 2 days after being given over 100 pages of technical info and instructions which would take trained lawyer at least 3 days, minimum, (accd those trained lawyers)

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Samsung cares for nothing but themselves. They dont even care about other Koreans as they over charge them for every product. No competition must be nice but now they are playing with the big boys so watch out. You cant steal boys. Aplle is looking to get 8 Samsung products banned in the US. It should be noted, out of 9 lawsuits throughout the world, Samsung won one-in Korea. Samsung is guilty-live with that. Coming to the defence of a company that has lost 8 out of 9 cour fights seems odd to say the least.

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Whether or not they "care for nothing but themselves" is irrelevant. The question of whether or not they were found "guilty" is inconsequential because the matter is whether or not Apple should have received patents (the reason behind the injunctions in Germany and the Neatherlands; other losses for Samsung has to do with their coutersuits against Apple for 3G implementation, which is BS since it is a standard) for "pinch to zoom", "drag and drop docs", "double tap to open", "bounce back", etc. is what should be in question.

What was essentially done was that Apple patented gestures that aren't "revolutionary" (though their implementation was [and a patent being granted for particular hardware/software be valid]) nor particularly "innovative" since those gestures already had precedent on virtually every desktop and laptop computer, albeit with mice. In addition to "rectangle with rouded corners", UI tweeks that's reminscent of Compiz from Linux, etc. 

The idea that Samsung misled consumers to purchase their products due to the "feel and look" instead of Apple is ridiculous, unless you're blind and an idiot. 

If you have gripes against Samsung and LG's vitually monopoly in Korea, maybe you should complain about the legal system that allows their virtual dominance to take seed and choke the competition. They're essentially doing what any other co. would do and have done under the same circumstances. My gripe isn't FOR Samsung, persay, but against the monopolization of technologies and that are becoming more intercalcated into society/culture and the death, or crippling, of innovation. Honestly, a lot of Apple's modernity has to do more with them crushing competitors, buying them out, and patenting their technologies or "theft" (eg the idea of the tablet was out wayyy before the iPad, except that the technology at that time [eg Microsoft] didn't allow for it to fluorish.] It's for open source and Android, if I was made to choose sides, since Apple's basically looking to cut the legs off of Android by ravishing their carriers.

But whatever- Samsung bad. Punishment good. Mmm - is the thing, right?

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Blah blah blah. If you dont like the ruling then dont buy Apple. Fact is, Korean innovation is nothing more than stealing the idea and using near slave labor to produce it. Samsung makes 1 billion in 3 days, the only thing they are really complaining about is their Korean pride got hurt (a fate far worse than money) and they actually have to use all that "innovation" and go a different direction. I dont like Samsung at all, but i eagerly await seeing what they make in the aftermath of this. Maybe it will actaully forse them to be creative and design something revolutionary.

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mildly off topic, innovation is the key, this ruling could 'force' samsung to innovate. but after all the years i lived there, very little 'appeared' to innovate. as a teacher all those years, where and when did the education system nurture and endorse creativity, surely thats necessary to spark innovation. i mean, some did happen, but to the degree that other companies instill creativity, i think uh, not so much. korea has always been called the 'also can' the copy cat but isn't everyone. who on this planet has had an original idea. i know i haven't.

that said, remember when LG and Samsung products were low end goods. if the peninsula was wiped off the planet. we'd still survive without samsung. we'd have to adapt, but we'd move on. perhaps nokia would be the runner up if samsung was 'out of the picture' i know i wouldn't miss lee gun hee and his cronies.

he can afford a law suit. if he don't pay his fines, he'd better pay his workers better.


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Stealing something that has been finished and stealing an idea are two different things. Once a person has an idea the race is on to get to the finish line before anyone else can. Stealing a product or a piece of one is like taking the gold from the winner of a race and saying you won. Thats way different than someone saying I am going to run for a Gold medal and then someone else decides to do the same thing. The race is on then.

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Never heard of ford taking lawsuits out on GM for having a sedan with a motor in the front and round steering wheel connected to the front wheels, no matter what colour they were!!! It is and always has been about money and market dominance! So what the galaxy X looks like the iPhone X ... So be it. If you don't like a company for their ethics, don't buy their products, if you like a company for their products buy them ... It's all a bit he said she said ... Just enjoy what tech we have available and make your own choices when you buy ... Rant over ;)

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Seems several people who have replied have no idea what the suit was actually about. 

Sadly the judge gave Samsung many chances to work things out with Apple and they just gave the perverbial finger to the U.S. court system... I guess it did not work out so well for them in the end.

They could have got off light with the licensing, but then the fine of $1Billion, and the loss of aprox $7Billion in stock price... wow, I guess they did not show anyone how smart they really are. It is unfortunate as it affects the stock holders the most.

Isn't it sad how the exact same thing happens at hakwans when the boss says, no lets do it my way even though they have never taught a day in their life. Just because rather than being correct, they want to maintane the perception of being correct. Often resulting in students leaving... Top down~