Come on Koreabridge!!!

Part-time posting of 25,000w? Come on guys you are supplying the drugs to an addict who feeds off of foreigners. At least let us comment on the ads. You are aiding and abetting; it's that simple. People wouldn't be getting cheated if you didn't allow these ads.

Who with an F visa would entertain with idiot?

What world do you live in?

6 hours of work for 150,000 a day is great! Over a course of 4 weeks that would be 3 million. Considering nearly all of EPIK is making 1.8-2.0 for an entire month, Id say thats pretty damn good. Maybe teaching abroad isnt the 100 bucks an hour job you thought it was. Enjoy the money, playing bingo with you kids and only working for like 40 minutes at a time bra.

its not great. 3 mil for 6

its not great. 3 mil for 6 hrs a day may as well work full time at a hagwon 2.3+350ish for accom+airfare+severance+vacation= that. My min is 30 an hour if im helping out, otherwise 35. 25 is too low.


25 an hour for part time is crap. 1 month or not it is not good. i make 2 mil a month for my one pt job but i work like 15 hours a week. that is normal. when you factor in airfare, housing, bonus and so on most make around 3 so look again-it is not good. illegal teachers probably think it would be good but...i would never even consider a job for 25. i made that back in 2002.

job in daeyeon???

look at that one. they keep posting for like 18 000  an hour. ridiculus. 1.35 mil for 5 hours a day and 15 no wonder they keep looking. crazy pay. my wife makes more than this. i know the school to. strict as hell. no fun. and crap pay.

I'm serious you need to read

I'm serious you need to read the ad again because I'm offering 30,000w but your so eager to defend your "community" that you didn't notice it's a three day a week job.  Meanwhile, you and your alterego 이범석 have your pissy, juevenile comments, in which you name my ad, riding on side car to my ad thus discouraging anyone from even looking at it. I think you remember this ad because I responded to your resume posted here on Koreabridge.  It is a beautifully writen resume and that is why I selected it but I can't reconcile how the author of the lee bum suk/jay vander comments could actually teach themselves out of a paper bag with such an aggresively sour attitude.  I wouldn't want you to teach my students.  Who would?

It's really a shame that this useful classified service is littered with your attacks. To koreabridge if your reading: Couldn't something be done to eliminate this deraction from from your otherwise useful and informative site?  Wouldn't it be better if no one could comment on the ads?  No one can comment on ads in a newspaper


Comment on Job Comments


  I am reading.   See my comment here for more on the original intent of job ad comments and why they were disabled last month (shortly after the exchange on your ad).  In short, while I think it can be useful to have civil* discussions about salaries, work conditions, and other aspects of working here, I didn't think it was useful to have the same conversation harassing tirade posted on any job ad that paid less than 30,000/hour.  


* Unpopular and/or critical opinions are fine as long as they do not  personal attacks or insults or create potential legal headaches for us. 

Dear busan.sped...a person

Dear busan.sped...a person would have to be a drunk to take this job not Jay. This is exactly who takes jobs like this; drunks,transients hobos and the desperate. I think it's you who's tipsy defending 1995 wages.    


 come on... can you guys really stop with all the bashing. Your comments are cancelled out because of how immature you sound. Sure one time is good to "suggest" what  one should take for pay... but the amount of times you do and the way in which you approach  it is immature, and annyoing.

In the states the same job at one company may and probably will have different pay then another company. DO you know the school and circumstances of each school that you bash on? Sure a school may want someone more qualified and offer more money.  I  have some friends here that have been here for a while and work at said Hagwons for great money. 

Why dont you start your own site. You obviously have enough time since you are always posting negative comments on here. 




I have lots of free time

I have lots of free time because I get nearly 6 months vacation(paid) from my university. I also teach private students at my home and they are coming in and out through-out the day. So I do have  10,20 minute breaks here and there.

I'm not strong arming anyone. If someone takes this job all the power to them but it is ones like this though that keep the community down.

25,000w was what I was getting paid in 1995 when I first came to Korea and did after school programs(legal). This is what I want people to understand. This is a 15year old wage while prices have doubled even tripled since then.

Bitching at me for bitching isn't helping anyone.

Talk about me?! Bring it!

I am laughing my head off now. Because I have 30 seconds to type a message I have no hobbies or am drunk? As for people criticizing lee or myself for wanting people to get educated about wages, why? I do not get that? You either must be recruiters or want people to take lousy jobs. Whatever!

So if you want to get on me because I am trying to get everyone more money, okay but I do not understand that? In the last year, for whatever reason, pt wages have been getting retarted-way too low. For all the newbies who come, perhaps they do not know any better but there is nothing wrong with education. If you wish not to help others that is your choice but don't knock me because I say what needs to be said. You may not agree but thats what makes the world go round.

Cheers all and may all your employers pay you what you deserve as we are all part of the same community and it takes only one small spark to bring down a forest just as it takes a drop at a time to fill a bucket so do not be fooled by low pay and people talking crap who want you to accept low pay!!!

So you are a recruiter? that

So you are a recruiter? that is obvious and of course you don't want comments allowed. You can get away with taking advantage of naive people.

I have saved 11 people personally from non-competative jobs over the last few months.  I'm proud of my work.  


clarification please

didn't you make the same claim about having 11 people PM you to thank you for saving them from bad jobs like one month ago? but then the manager of this site said that he looked in your private mesage file and you only had like 8 PMs in your box and 4 of them were from the manager telling you to tone it down?



No, it was emails. I think I

No, it was emails. I think I said pms but that was false, I simply made a mistake. It's so nice that you remember me.  

''F-2/F-4 teacher for March

''F-2/F-4 teacher for March 2-4 in Haeundae. 5:00-9:30PM.''


HAHAHA!! you aren't even posting how much a person gets paid now? is that the new angle? call in and attack?  

HAHAHA!! It looks like I've got you running.....I've done my public service.

lee bum suk, Do you really

lee bum suk,

Do you really have nothing better to do than surf pusanweb all day and night and try to find something or someone to attack? Is that the highlight of your day? Seriously? But I guess that's expected as you haven't read my posts from before. If you did, you would know that it's up to the school and teacher to nogotiate the pay. Whatever you end up with or don't end up with, it's up to you. The teacher that is taking that job will get 150,000Won so is that really so bad for 4.5 hours of work?

And you've done your public service? What's that? To act like an a-hole? You try to act like you're doing people this great service but unlike Jay Vander, who seems to have good rational points that I agree with, you're more about needing to criticze people to make yourself feel good. I mean if your goal is to help others get good part time jobs then why not post helpful ideas like how to conduct a good interview or how to properly negotiate more money rather than just talking trash? There are so many ways to negotiate a 25,000 Won/hour job into a 25,000 or 30,000 Won per 40 or 45-minute class if the teacher is good. Maybe even more if the school and students think you're a great teacher.

But again, your priority seems more about trying to make yourself feel good while criticizing others rather than helping people.

Now, you've called me out directly so I'll call you out.

Like I said before, any time you want to meet somewhere, let me know and I'll be there for a drink, coffee whatever. If you really are so passionate about helping people with part time jobs or teaching in Korea or how to get that good university job, you should welcome this! I'm sure lots of other teachers in Busan would like to be there as well so they can get informed. You, with all your years of wisdom can enlighten us.

So if you're more than just some irritating big talk by an anonymous source, then pick a time and place and let's be there. Or do I have you running now?

i agree

lets have a meeting and have the great lee bum suk speak enlightment to all of us.

Yet here you are and not one

Yet here you are and not one not two but a five paragraph letter, now who has nothing better to do?

As I told you during vacation I teach from home and I have breaks, during the breaks I serf. Enough said, thanks for the invite but I have no interest in meeting you, I really don't have the time.

I just have a simply question because you don't seem to be able to answer the hard ones; Why didn't you include a renumeration amount on your F2/F5 ad? It's the first and only thing people care about. A child would know better.  

LBS, As for my job ad, what


As for my job ad, what can I say? And again, why does it matter to you so much? Everyone that applied asked what the pay was, and I told them to ask for whatever they wanted. The school wasn't sure as it's 3 days of work, not something you'd do for the next few months. I told them probably 120,000-150,000/day but up to them. They hired a teacher with previous teaching experience for 150,000/day. End of story.

And I'll take the high road and try to end it here.


Couldn't resist posting to wonder if this is a typo or a Freudian slip :)


I, too, am wondering.. for a Univ. prof at that.. ㄲㄲㄲ


 so is that a no to your lecture?

Correct but Windu you can

Correct but Windu you can have coffee with dlee if you wish. Perhaps you can discuss stockholm syndrome and he can toss you some work paying 1995 wages. 

Good luck to both of you


Community; Don't lower yourself to 1995 wages. Demand 30,000w bare minimum for multiple classes, 40-50+ for one hour gigs. Thank you.

Typo, yes even a

Typo, yes even a university prof (that's a good one, more like glorified high school teacher) can make mistakes. 

Are you done?

Are you done alleviating yourself?

 Now.. back to my Law books.. 

See you around, LBS!

Yes and what does law books

Yes and what does law books have to do with anything? Am I to be impressed? A lawyer that moonlights as an English teacher?

Please.....peanut gallery comments, I was playing nice, I didn't need such comments nor should they be allowed.


Excuse me?

Actually, it doesnt have anything to do with you since its my personal stuff.. Its my hobby and interest, in case you dont know.,and if you think that Im trying to impress you with that, its unintentional but go ahead... and I'll take the pride.

Peanut gallery comments? I want to vomit with that. By the way, have you reflected these days? With all these bullshits you're having here and how other users are reacting to your posts? Have you ever thought that its probably you thats having peanut gallery comments here.?

Lawyer moonlighting as an English teacher? well thank you.. you suggested that idea, not me.. at least you have that common sense.. and it is none of your damn business.. go ahead with your being an "alleged" Univ prof.. LoL... for that gives pride to you.. and not to others, especially to Koreans..  



 I've got an F2 and every position I've ever applied for has been negotiable. If you have a good education and experience it's worth it to haggle. 

Very well said. I couldn't

Very well said. I couldn't agree more..

Having good education and the experience/s would really put you in a good place.. and if you get luckier, you even get to stay on the job longer than a year.. or until you want to quit..

Good day to you..


I think you are just angry

I think you are just angry that I get 6 months paid vacation and I have two day work weeks at my university in Masan while you grind five days at a hogwan.

If you are done, so am I.

There you go again.. throwing

There you go again.. throwing rotten peanuts.. lol.. You have proven once again that you are the ones painting Koreabridge with your lousy peanut gallery comments.. tsk! Do you think I will buy that? Not at all.. You probably deserve that so indulge while you can. As we all know, good offers are limited.. You will never know until when you're gonna have such vacation..

And with a 5days grinding at the Hagwon? well, it depends on how you perceive the nature of your work~ coz for me, this work is a delight  and I am enjoying what I do so I don't really consider it as "grinding". It makes me busy and I feel productive. How about you, do you feel productive in your job or are you just throwing peanuts in you class?

And lastly before I bid goodbye here.. Im not the sour-graping type so I am not angry at all.. nor do I envy your good long vacation.. As aforementioned, indulge while you can..Sure you got ample time meeting people here that wants to meet you..  like DHL and windup (I guess?).. Anyways, it is your discretion..

Goodluck in your career, LBS.. I suppose you are done, so am I..


 the plot thickens... Since other people are grinding away at their respective hagowans and you have such a " lax " schedule... lets have the meeting. 

but im sure you will counter my post with saying how busy you are and how many jobs you are grinding away at.

along with how many cars you have and how nice your apartment is.

I guess you two weren't done.

I guess you two weren't done. No excuses, I just have no interest in meeting you. The odds are you will probably be gone in a year or three so what's the point? 

There is none. Foreigners in my opinion are transient scamps.  

transient scamps?

We are transient scamps? Nice!

Transient scamps:

1) People who have an open mind to pursue happiness where they want and to do whatever it takes to get what needs to get done, done!

2) People using a gift that was given to them at birth and using it to help Koreans obtain a skill they desire.

3) Kim Yu Na, who lives in Toronto

4) Those with the capacity to understand where you are born does not determine who you are.

5) Those who have the courage to leave families and friends behind in order to gain experience, knowledge and a little money so they can have a better life.

6) Those who wish not to stay ignorant and live merely by their socialization.

6) Non Koreans.


Hi Jay, yes we see eye to eye

Hi Jay, yes we see eye to eye on pay issues but I don't share your vigor for the community of foreigners. I was recently introduced to this:

We had a one position addition this semester at my university. I was to help the Korean staff opt for the one. Of the resumes received most were absolute rubbish. People in country 4-5 years with more jobs than years. One guy had 7 jobs in 3years! He had never complete a full contract. People that had finished contracts still moved around too much for myself and the Korean profs liking. We had people with college/university experience but only a year here and a year there. 

We ended up settling on a fellow that came straight out of an adult hogwan, why? because he had 3 finished contracts at the same place. Now that's what you look for when you hire, stability.  I asked him(on the phone) why did you stay put? He said 'the grass is all ways greener but I trust the devil I know, why go from one pile of shit to another? do your time and I'll be working for a university in 3years like I am now right? .  For an answer like that I was willing to recommend him to the Koreans.  

The other applicants were all over the place, I also took this guys approach. Riding the rails, living out of a hockey bag and being a hobo isn't the way to gain a keeper job. I heard many colleges and universities now won't even hire E visa people but opt solely for F visa only. Resume wise from what I've seen I don't think transient is a stretch. We do not fall into this catagory Jay but it's by our own doing and the choices we have made or should I say lack of choosing; staying put.  

People should just be aware that moving around a lot even within Korea isn't a good thing. My resume is one sheet and that spans 15 years.


Well Koreans are no slouch in being dishonroable either my friend. Yes, when it comes to pay issues I agree with the things you say but anywhere you go you will find bad apples. My one friend has been here 10 years and has only 10 visas so to say some jump around is nothing special as you can also say some do not. On top of that, we do get treated here worse than Koreans and we are not slaves to anyone so saying to a "boss", "go jump in the lake, I am out of here" is not a big deal.

As for Koreans, how many teachers do you know of who did not get there bonus or did not get the right pay from their schools. I know multiple-doubel digits easily. It really is mind boggling here my friend. I have so many stories of racist attitudes and ignorant people but is it because I stand out or is it because people here are really racist. I would attract racist people more as I stand out but how many do not blink an eye at me? When in Thailand, my friend was busted (thrown in a thai jail for no reason and then was asked for 15000Baht or he would stay in jail) by a dirty cop. Now it is easy to say cops there are not trustworthy but he had met only one.

The reality is there are bad people in every country. Most foreigners who come here work hard, stay below the radar but like everywhere, some stand out. I agree, there are some here who I wish were not, but most are good. I too jumped around a lot because making 2mil did not entitle anyone to disresepct me. It is laughable actually to think a Hagwon owner is a some how the boss of my life. You know as well as I do the whole system is about making money so lets make money!

Whether or not you dislike foreigners is up to you but we are all people, born places without consent and then brought up by our surroundings so I think trying to understand them is a better way to go but that is just me. So while I can agree some foreigners here have poor characters and so on, so do some Koreans, Russians, Dutch, my home country of Canada...

I don't dislike foreigners, I

I don't dislike foreigners, I just have enough good friends, most of them being foreigners here all ready. Like I said, it's not in my interest to befriend newer people because the chances are they won't remain anyway.

I really like the people I work with as well, they are all decent people many of them I have known for years. I simply don't go out with people I work with because there is gossip sometimes. I also never go out socially with any of the Korean staff. I learned that lesson years ago.

Transient scamps was a bit much, I'm sorry for that. Nice and civil this is.