Withdrawing money in Korea with a foreign card

Hey there, I was wondering if there was any way to withdraw money from an ATM in Korea with an overseas checking or savings card? I know there are a couple of "Global ATM's" where you can withdraw money with a foreign credit card, but what about a normal bank card?

I have a canadian checking account bank card, and at the back there is the sign "PLUS", and at the global ATM's I've been so far they are supposed to accept cards with that sign, but nothing is working. My credit card expired so I'm out of luck I guess.

Any ideas? Thank very much

Yes, you can withdraw money

Yes, you can withdraw money from just about any ATM with a normal bank card. 

When you do the transaction, click on "English", "Withdraw", and then something along the lines of "Foreign card not domestic". 

If you have trouble, it might be because your bank is seeing a withdrawal from another country.  In that case, you should contact your bank and inform them that you are living in Korea now.

Hope this helps.


Hey there, thanks for your

Hey there, thanks for your reply.

I didn't have any problems with my other credit card (australian one), however with my debit card it was the same story (either canadian or australian), even though I click "foreign card" and all, it keeps saying the transaction cannot be made, only the VISA card is working. Do you withdraw yourself money with a debit card? Or do you use a credit card? Also only the ATM's with the sign "Global ATM" written on them seems to accept foreign cards...

ATM bank cards

I've used my Canadian bank card (not from HSBC bank) at the HSBC ATM in Seomyeon.  It works.

I remember similar problems

I remember similar problems when I first moved here. If I remember rightly if you are using a debit card, you have to select the credit card option when withdrawing money. Even if there is an option for debit card, don't select it.


I also use a debit card (from a Credit Union in America, though I doubt that makes any difference.)  I can use any ATM.  I think you should contact your bank.  I remember I told my bank I was going to be living overseas.  I think many debit cards prevent international withdrawals for security puporses (for example, if your card was "stolen" over the Internet).


I've done many withdrawls over the past 1.5 years.  I believe if you contact your bank and inform them where you are living and what you want to do, then you can make a withdrawal; this is regardless if it is a "global ATM" or a normal ATM.


I hope this helps!


Credit cards can be used in

Credit cards can be used in almost any ATM as I experienced. But for debit cards, some banks has Global Service ATMs. I used a couple of country's debit cards without problem (Turkish, Indonesian and Japanese).

KB and Busan Bank usually have those Global ATMs in their main branches. For Daeyon-Dong, Mega Mart also has one Global ATM.

Try Korean Exchange bank,

Try Korean Exchange bank, that's the one I use. The thing is you can only get 400,000w per day though as that's the limit for them.