canadian couple in Busan need help with E2 visa

Hi my girlfriend was offered a job in busan. They told her that when she got here they would send her to japan to get a visa. Now that she has been here for a  week working they are telling her she needs to go back to Canada in order to get E2 visa. I think this is a scam to get rid of her but i am not sure. please help.

if its her first e-2 visa,

if its her first e-2 visa, then it is true, she has to get her first visa from her native country. if it is her 2nd/3rd etc,then she can go to japan. if it is her 2nd visa, then the boss either doesn't understand about the laws of immigration or there is a problem with her paperwork.

up until a couple of years

up until a couple of years ago, foreigners could take a ferry to fukuoka, go to the korean embassy there, and have an E2 visa stamped in their passport and start work immediately,  but in recent years, maybe less than two, this has all changed.  the process of obtaining an E2 visa is much more complicated than this.

you've even got to have an interview at a korean embassy in your home country as far as i understand.  and it takes up to two months to complete the whole process and be legally permitted to work. 

i dont think its a scam.  i think her boss just isn't or wasn't aware of new laws and figured she could take the ferry and get an E2 just like in the old days.  but mentioned above, if this is her first E2 and not a renewal, she will have to complete the procedure at home.  and from then on, she can just have it renewed here in korea.  she won't need to go to japan for that. 


All though the information sucks i appreciate the lowdown thanks for gvivng the time to respond, take care.


David Cormier

sorry it sucked.  i just

sorry it sucked.  i just offered my insight as far as i could.  if you want more concrete information, hire a translator or a korean friend, go down to the immigration office and inquire there.