Sea of Birds

A kid trying to feed the birds with bread that he kept in his mouth. It didn't work.


Rating Photos

 We did have things set so that only 'unmoderated users' could rate photos.  This was intended to avoid 'ballot box stuffing'.  Occasionally in the past, we've had a few participants who would encourage everyone they knew to register just so they could vote on their photo.  This hasn't been a problem this time around (so far), so I've changed settings so that any registered user can vote.  
By the way, all that's required to become and 'unmoderated users' is to post something that's not spam or offensive, so Jebusan, you are now an unmoderated user. Let the star clicking begin... :)


 Hello,  The photo could be


The photo could be slightly improved by changing slightly the point-of-view by positioning the camera on the ground level. I would recommend to transfer it into B&W. The vignetting applied here already is desirable and well done. It helps to focus on the subject(s).