Best of 2011/Winter Travel Photo Fest

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Best of 2011/Winter Travel Photo Fest

when the result of "Best of 2011/Winter Travel Photo Fest" is going to announce? As you have announced that the result would be published by 10th March,2012 but didn't announce yet.

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Re: Best of 2011/Winter Travel Photo Fest

Very sorry for the delay.  The judges' scores I've gotten in so far are so scattered that no clear winning photos have emerged. I'm hoping to get another couple of ballots in today or tomorrow that will tip the scales.

One way or another, we will make announcments this week.


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Re: Best of 2011/Winter Travel Photo Fest

Congratulations to the winners.

Manager! In future exhibitions / competitions is there any way an extra information box could be added to allow people to enter technical information such as camera and lenses used and settings. Also any use of filters etc. or if using a smart phone app such as iPhone's Hipstamatic.

There are some good photos in the exhibition that I would be curious to know what effects / apps were used.

May not be possible with the web software you are using, but I do know on most photo sites the camera and settings information is automatically posted as the data is already imbedded in the picture.

Just a thought.

(I'm double posting this in case my comment on the exhibition page gets overlooked!)