Olympus Store in Busan

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Olympus Store in Busan

Does anyone know of an Olympus store in Busan? I'm trying to get a specific item that isn't on Gmarket and, for some reason, isnt' for sale from olympus.co.kr

I've hit up a couple random camera shops but without luck.

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Re: Olympus Store in Busan

I haven't been to either of these stores, but the Olympus store website says there are 2 stores in Busan, one in Seomyeon and one in Namsan (on the orange line).

The address for the Seomyeon one is
614-030 부산 부산진구 부전동490-2
(It looks like it's right outside exit 7)
Phone: 051-816-3388

And the one for the Namsan one is
609-811 부산 금정구 남산동 44-1
(The website says its a 5 minute walk from exit 2)
Phone: 051-583-9966

Both are closed on national holidays and Sundays.

Good luck~

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Re: Olympus Store in Busan

I am not sure if it is an official Olympus store, but the big camera shop near Lotte department store in Seomyeon is an Olympus specialist as well as having a great range of other brands. He aslo speaks English!

Directions. Back facing Lotte Department store front entrance. Walk right, toward Seomyeon rotary on the main road and it's on the same road on the next block, just past the Dunkin Donut's if that's still there.

Naver Map link here http://me2.do/FvuOEc