Broken Samsung phone (not smartphone!) help?!

So I have a samsung flip phone with keypad type thing and I managed to press the # button one to many times. This has  lock on it and now the keypad is locked. It says I need a 4 digit code to unlock it. I have tried most of the common ones after searching google - 1234, 0000, 1122 etc. but nothing works! I can receive calls but i cannot use my phone as the keypad is locked. Very frustarating! the phoen belonged to my director but she doesn't know the code and despite taking the phone almost to buts i cannot find even a reset button! argh! anyone know where i can find a samsung repair place in Busan? (or how I can magically reset my phone?! ) an advice would be greatly received, its one of those annoying little things that is so hard to fix!