Recommendations: Christmas turkey

Hello, I am just wondering if anyone can recommend any restaurants or hotels in Busan that will be serving a traditional Christmas (turkey) dinner? Thank you in advance, Andy

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Going to reply on past years, of course things change.

Seamen's Club always has a Christmas buffet. It's not fine dining, but it's a really good feed and value for money. Pretty sure HQ bar had turkey last year. Can't say for sure but I think the Wolfhound may have something going on as well.

On the higher end, we went to O'Kims in the Chosun Beach Hotel, for several years running. It was very good. And, although I've never been, I've heard a lot of people talk highly of the Christmas buffet at the Novotel.

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Going to say around 30 bucks. But, that was probably 6 years ago. Just pop in there, they should be able to tell you. Also you may want to book ahead.

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Andyb...we welcome you to the Seamen's Club for Christmas.  Here are the details:




December 25th

11:00am ~ 21:00pm


Steamship Round of Beef

Cajun Turkey

Herb Dressing

Sugarcane Baked Ham w/Spiced Apples & Pears

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Apple-Walnut Christmas Salad

Mashed Potatoes w/Rich Pan Gravy

Honeyed Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans Almond

Parsley Carrots

Sweet Corn Bread & Butter

Pumpkin, Cherry & Pecan Pies


Complimentary Glass Wine (Red or White)


Full bar available:  Wines, beers, liquors


Reservations & Tickets Advance Purchase

Required for parties 5 or more

Civ: 646-1993    **       Cell: 011-863 9638



$21.95       W27,500


$9.95                   W12,500

Transfer  Bank Account Number: Hana Bank 322-810414-63107

Kim, Pyong Kun 

Happy holidays

Walt Christiansen, Director 010-3133-8029

Walt Christiansen


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 Homee Delivery is making your Christmas a little more homee with a Turkey Dinner for two. Your dinner will include:

1. Juicy, basted turkey breast
2. Stuffing made from scratch
3. Mash potatoes
4. Cranberry Sauce
5. Ceasar Salad
6. Bread
7. Green beans
8. Corn
9. 2 Pumpkin tarts

All for 80,000 won

Homee wants to make sure you have enough food and tryptophan in your system for a good night sleep! Reservations are limited so pease make your reservations now!

To make your reservations please leave a message with me 019-515-9850, on our face book page, or by e-mail: [email protected]. Please specify the following:

What time you want your meal delivered:
- Between 12 and 1pm
- Between 1 and 2pm
- Between 2 and 3pm
- Between 3 and 4pm
- Between 4 and 5pm
- Between 5 and 6pm
- Between 6 and 7pm
- Between 7 and 8pm
- Between 8 and 9pm



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Wolfhound could be a great atmosphere for a Christmas dinner (so long as they change the music to set the mood accordingly, and they TURN IT DOWN).

Only 40,000won for a Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings seems decent.