Korean Hooligans

The main strip that runs from Haeundae subway station down to the beach. I actually had to run after these guys to get the photo, they were going at a decent rate. You'd NEVER see anything this crazy in New Zealand. One of my favourite Korea moments.Canon EOS 1000D, 18-55 lens.


Now that's a

Now that's a winner!

Non-generic and unique and even in colour!!!!! Great title as well.


 Lee-bum-suk I do not understand you. You rip on some people who post nice photographs and then praise others. My comments are in no way intended to offend the person who posted this photo. The subject is, in fact, very interesting. "Non-generic"? This is, by definition, a generic snapshot photograph. It shows little understanding of photographic composition. Lee-bum-suk I certainly hope you are not the judge. 

Like I said; the blue boats,

Like I said; the blue boats, hanging persimmon, umbrellas on Haeundae beach, i've scene this stuff on postcards since 1995. Typical and general in nature; that's generic.

Let me guess...an arts major who freelances English? good choice bro. I hope you aren't a judge.

 Why? Because I have an

 Why? Because I have an understanding of good photography. After all this is a photo contest. Lee-bum-suk why don't you post a photo if you know so much. If not, stop making comments on other peoples work "bro". Why is every foreigner an English teacher to you. I've read tons of your comments. You are nothing more than a racist Korean. Plain and simple. This site is meant to be helpful and you always come with negativity. So, don't reply because no one cares what you have to say. 

You have a good understanding

You have a good understanding of art? How do you give yourself such a title? Why would I post pictures? I have no interest in the field nor am I any good at taking pictures. But what I can tell you is I've seen all of this stuff before. The 'hooligans' picture really jumped out at me. I like it, I think it's the best of the bunch. Who are you to dismiss that from me?  

Stick to banging out those kindy classes for your 'real' job and leave out the critic rant.

I'm a racist Korean? That's a good one but at least my job involves in what I took in university, what are you?  

Another fine example...

... of how easily a discussion can turn into a battle of insults.  Again, if you have any comments about this image (or any site content) post it here on the site.  If you have comments about another user, please send them via PM. 
Reminder: you can block PM's from any other user if desired. 

Please quit hijacking my photo to argue with each other

From the guy who took it - take your arguments elsewhere please. Lee Bum Suk - I've not read any of your other comments, and know nothing of you, or the allegations of you "ripping other photos to shreds," I think the wording was - Whatever, thanks for the compliments on this anyhow. Jakebru - if you don't think my photo has proper composition, that's fine - I took it while running, more concerned with catching the moment than worrying about golden rules or whatever. If the judges agree with you, they'll show that with their decisions. I don't claim to be a photography expert - I'm a keen amateur, and have a lot to learn. However, this contest is as open to me as anybody, and I exercise my right to submit my work, regardless of what anyone may or may not think. Don't go turning my photo into a platform for your opinions though - save those for a blog or something please. If you're going to criticise my sense of composition, justify it by explaining what's wrong with exposure, or whatever - technical talk, not taste. Then I'm prepared to listen. But I don't want to hear a flame war, from you, or Lee Bum Suk, or anyone else.


My bad. I'm done. Anyway....I

My bad. I'm done. Anyway....I like the hooligans photo the best, I'm not an an expert or judging. Take care.