Point System for Permanent Residence Status in South Korea


So, what is a Point System?

Under this system, professionals lawfully residing in Korea for 1 year or more become eligible for the residence status (F-2) if they acquire certain points based on their qualifications. The criteria for assessing their qualification include age, academic career, Korean proficiency, and annual income among others.

What difference does it make for professionals having F-2 status?
Holder of residence status (F-2) through Point System can engage in wider range of employment activities. The spouse and kids of the holders can obtain residence status as well. The holders of F-2 can stay for a maximum period of 3 years and it is extendable.

What are the additional advantages of Point System?
If a person resides in Korea for 5 years after obtaining residence status (F-2) through Point System, he/she will be eligible to apply for changing his/her status into permanent residence status (F-5).

What is the Point System Criteria?
General Criteria includes age, academic career, Korean proficiency, annual income etc.

Weighted Criteria includes

  • Whether the applicant has completed the social integration program
  • Whether the applicant has an experience of studying in Korea
  • Whether the applicant has a working experience in professional areas outside Korea
  • Whether the applicant and his/her dependants have violated immigration laws and regulations in Korea.

Am I eligible?
Professionals who have the following visa are eligible

  • E-1 – professors
  • E-2 – Foreign Language Instructors
  • E-3 – Research
  • E-4 – Technology Instruction
  • E-5 – Specialty Occupation
  • E-7 – Particular Occupation

How do I check if I am eligible?
The Point System requires you to gain 80 points or more (out of the total 120 points) to be eligible for residence status (F-2). Use the evaluation form below to check your eligibility. If you gain 80 or above, you can then visit the Immigration Office in your local area and apply for residence status (F-2) through Point System.


Re: Point System for Permanent Residence Status in South Korea

You can find the point system online,


I would say, you won't make it.


Points for having an MA or PHD, points for having passed the TOPIK Korean test, points for working in your home country (proof required) points for volunteering in Korea (proof required) a point for your small paycheck


E-2 guys and gals, give it up, unless you can pass the Korean TOPIK test at level 5 AND actually worked in your country, you cannot make it.