Halloween Costume Store in Busan?

Does anyone know of a Halloween store in Busan? If there are multiple, what is the best one?

Re: Halloween Costume Store in Busan?

Was hoping to find the post from former years on this, but a search ain't bringing up anything.

There are plenty, although what was there one year may not be the next.

Nampo is one of the best places. There were a couple on the street in Gukje market where they sell the sports shirts and Korean t-shirts etc, just look for the pharmacies and lighting shops. I also someone mentioning one off art street, may be the same.

There was a fairly decent one near Busan Jin market. Facing it from the main road, if you take the road to the left a few blocks past it, it's there at the end of the street. (don't trust those directions though, will check with the friend who told me)

There is one between Gwangan and Geumnyeongsan subways on the same side of the road as the Good Gang An hospital. Probably the easiest way to find it is to start from the Good Gang An and walk towards Gwang An subway it's near where all the baby shops are.

There is one across from Lotte department store. It's actually a sex shop that also stocks halloween gear. You many need to knock to gain entrance! If it's still there, look for the Paris Baguette across from Lotte and look up for the scream sign. It's a little seedy, but kind of fun and the owner is nice.

Finally there is a serious costume hire shop in Kyungsung that has a ton of cool stuff to buy and rent at very reasonable prices. They have a website http://www.cospreshop.net/ (I guess they mean cosplay!) During halloween the lady is often there, but it's sometimes worth phoning ahead to check with her as it's more of a workshop / warehouse than regular shop. To find it walk from Dayeon subway toward Kyungsung on the McDonalds side of the road. You will pass SC First bank and then on the next corner you will see a jewellery shop and a black called Bar. Look up it's got a blue sign http://nmap.do/GYtQPZ

And as said, it is always possible that some of these places may no longer be around this year, so don't blame me!