Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

For those planning to buy PIFF tickets online this week it seems that registering your ARC number with doesn't work. However you can buy tickets if you click on the 'non native ticketing' link and enter your passport number this does work.

I found out to my cost tonight when trying to get tickets for the opening and closing. Although you can create an account at Daum with your ARC, it will not allow you to buy tickets for PIFF. For some reason it's viewing foreign IDs as children under 14!

As said though the passport method does work.

Here is the direct link

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Re: Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

Any idea what credit cards they will be accepting? I tried looking all over the website, but this being BIFF/PIFF and all, that information was either completely absent or hidden away in an illogical corner of the site.

My Visa just expired, which means all I have is a Discover Card; I'm betting they won't take it, but my life would be made much easier if they will.

Re: Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

And thanks for the information, by the way. In the past, I have always tried the Busan Bank route, but after last year's debacle (their servers weren't up until 40 minutes after tickets started going on sale so virtually everything was sold out) I'd prefer to brave the online ticketing. It wouldn't be BIFF/PIFF though if buying tickets didn't turn out to be an infuriating disaster.

Re: Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

If my memory serves me right there was only the option of Visa and Mastercard, maybe Amex, but I don't think so.

Also I should have added that if you had an existing Daum account created some time ago I guess there might be a possiblity it might work.

EDIT: Just managed to do a dummy buy on the site and definitely only Visa and Mastercard on their foreigner ticket buying page.

Re: Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

I was able to snag 7 tickets for my wife using this method.  Thanks for the link, Mattsid!

It was unreal, watching how fast things sold out.  At first I thought it was a lost cause, because things were jamming up a bit and the sale wouldn't go through...but then it started working.  It also helps that I had two friends working with me to get tickets at the same time, so whatever I missed, they managed to get.

So my wife is happy, she gets to see a decent number of movies this year, as opposed to last year because I tried relying on Busan Bank, and we all know how that turned out.


Re: Buying PIFF / BIFF Tickets

I had the exact opposite luck, but I was going it alone and only had 10 minutes to make my attempt before my first class. I managed to get to the billing stage for one pair of tickets, but after I entered in my credit card information, an error message came up and I had to start back at square one. At that point, the screening I was trying to get into was sold out. I checked a couple of the other films I wanted to see and they were all sold out, so it looks like I'm waking up bright and early to wait on line with everyone else who failed to get tickets.

Still, it would have been an even bigger disaster if I had went to Busan Bank, I'm sure. My love-hate relationship with BIFF/PIFF continues...