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Hello All,

I sadly just ate at Pho Kim in Sfunz. I remember this place being pretty good when I lived in Korea 5 years ago, but sadly like many things it seems to have changed.

More expensive, smaller serving size and their spring rolls(half the size of before, and rice paper was very thick) they simply said they had changed.


So, I am on the hunt for a new Pho place. I have seen a few places listed here and their but would like opinions of your favorites. What makes them good, what you generally order, etc.

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There are a lot around now.

The best in my opinion is Saigon, they use a 'medicinal' broth that is just yummy. They have two locations one on Gwangan beach toward the Samik beach aparts it's across from the Starbucks on the road that leads up to the Hollywood star. The other in Seomyeon. If you turn at Judies TaeHwa along the street with the Paris Baguette on the corner, if I recall rightly it's past the Nike store down a little alleyway. Look for the sign. The dumplings are highly recommended as well.

There is also Hoa Bins everywhere. There is one on Gwangan towards the Millak fishmarkets near all of the coffee shops. There is one in Xii apartments next to Yong Ho Dong Metro City near Megamart and one in Haeundae on the same street as Migliore across from the McDonalds. I am sure there are others as well. They do have a much larger menu, but they are just not as good as Saigon.

There used to be another shop, don't know the name directly across from Migliore, don't know if it is still there.

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There is NO Hollywood Star in Gwangan Mattsid.  It went out of business a long time ago.

and The Pho is pretty good, and you get to make your own spring rolls too.

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sandwiched between the eyesore coffee infestations of tom n tom, angel-in-us and twosome place is a little vietnamese restaurant on dalmaji hill,  next to the alexander restaurant. its simply "the pho". ate there many times in my last year of  korea.

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Saigon is easily the best Pho shop I've been to in town.  There are many now of varying quality, but Saigon is the tastiest and best bang for your buck (good portions).  They're also the only one I know that serves chicken pho (my fave).  There is only ONE location now, in Gwangan.  The Seomyeon one closed over a year ago.



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Yeah, why is Mattsid giving such out of date and bad information?

There is only one Saigon and No Hollywood Star.  Is he living in Gwangali these days?   Is he even in Korea ?

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@GoGo Happy. I didn't realize that the Seomyeon branch of Saigon had closed. Thanks to Tharp for the update, but the Hollywood Star is still there.

See attached Naver Street Map

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Sorry Matt. The Star was gutted in late June and is being renovated to be something else now. It's gone.

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Hello all,

Thank you for the posts. I will be out to try Saigon soon. Was super dissapointed at the "negative" changes to Pho Kim.

Really is to bad, as my wife and I had frequented the restaurant several times. 

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I just ate at the Pho in Centum. It was quite possibly the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

We sat down at a booth and the server said that even though the table was set we couldn't sit there because the staff was going to eat their lunch at that that particular table. 

Then we tried to order an appetizer of spring rolls and the waiter asked if we were sure we wanted that because it was going to "take a really long time" so we should just order our soup. We asked why it was listed as an appetizer if it was going to take a long time, but I think the waiter just wanted to take his lunch break. 

After that they forgot to charge and serve the coffee we ordered with our food.

The food was o.k. but overall we were really unhappy with the service. 






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Glad you posted that, I had read some good reviews about "The Pho", I guess it is a chain, I guess I will have to go to other locations...

Also thanks for not just saying "it was bad" but giving an explanation.

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Just as a heads up, I ate at "The Pho" in Nampo Dong, was quite good. Had the large order of Pho and fried rice, was enough for myself, wife and daughter.