Teachers dismissed for political affiliation and unionism

MEST dismisses 134 public school teachers
The dismissal is generating controversy as a disciplinary measure enacted during the indictment period of an investigation before teachers have been proven guilty
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» Korea Teachers and Educational Workers Union Chairman Jeong Jin-hoo, center front, speaks during a press conference called to criticize the Lee Myung-bak administration at KTU’s office in Seoul, May 23.
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), under Minister Ahn Byung-man, made the decision to dismiss all 134 current public school teachers indicted by prosecutors on May 6. The teachers were indicted on charges that included membership in the minor opposition Democratic Labor Party (DLP). This large-scale dismissal of members of the Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union (KTU, Jeon Gyo Jo) marks the first time more than 100 KTU teachers have been forced out since the union was legally recognized in 1999.

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Guilty or not I find it quite

Guilty or not I find it quite outrageous that it is a crime for teachers to be members of a political party.

It just seems really silly to

It just seems really silly to me to null your livelyhood, benefits, future earnings and a gov't pension in most of the cases here just to yell at a wall.

Everyone knows the score when it comes to gov't jobs anywhere. Be quiet, do your 25years, get that pension, get a private sector job after or if the kids are all grown up and finished college then retire.  A friend told me once;  I'd rather be a live dog than a dead lion. Great words to live by.

These people should have known better.

I can't say I know..

..all the facts here but according to the article:

"“The fact that they decided to proceed with removals or dismissals against only the indicted KTU teachers before a verdict was issued is both an act of revenge stemming from hatred of KTU, which has criticized the government’s mistakes, and political opportunism aimed at the June 2 regional elections and educational superintendent elections.”


"...Observers have said that these actions are sufficient to recall once again memories from the era of the military dictatorship in the late 1980s, when teachers were subjected to severe disciplinary measures simply for belonging to KTU."

Surely, it is the govt. dept that is worthy of your rebuke.

If one was to follow you, a robotic, homogeneous world would ensue. I'm inclined to think (and admittedly to stretch the point) that if people behaved in a "silly" manner like this, there may have been no civil rights movements. Perhaps then you (LBS) would be happy in a gulag, concentration camp or sweatshop living as a dog.

Well..since the mods allow

Well..since the mods allow one sided slamming only, I pose a simple question for you.

What have you ever done for progression of civil rights here?  You champion and praise these people but you are no different than I. 

it is well known that the DLP

it is well known that the DLP was founded by the communists that remained south of the border at the time of separation and have maintained those communist views and actions throughout South Korean political history.  good riddance...

people fail to realize the work that lee is doing...which is turning korea into a truly democratic society, unlike the presidents of the past who were either linked, by document, to communist leaders or corrupt pigs such as chun doo-hwan or noh tae-woo... 


Turning Korea into a

Turning Korea into a democratic society by limiting an individuals right to participate in politics? Do you know what the word 'democracy' actually means?

The DLP is a hard-left

The DLP is a hard-left organization, known for its rabid anti-Americanism and pro-North Korea stance.  That said, it is a legal political party, and any society that fires teachers for joining a legal party cannot claim to be democratic.  Seems like a free-speech issue to me.

not our country

Ethnocentrism has no place anywhere. It is not our country. Do you think crap doesnt happen back home to? Take care of your own backyards and let others take care of theirs. We can be fired for even less here so whatever. Harldy think this is news. If this is news, people being fired not only for being in a political party but for also giving money to North Korea (if I understand things properly) then life must be good! I do feel bad, though, as I guess they really need their jobs in order to make some money so next time something happens, they can go to the store and buy some nice clothes for their little press conference!

"Guilty or not I find it

"Guilty or not I find it quite outrageous that it is a crime for teachers to be members of a political party"

Actually I like that idea as affiliation with any political party tends yo skew the teaching process. If a teacher is biased then they are only teaching a slanted viewpoint and not helping the students at all. It is best for the teachers and teaching that bias be removed from the classroom so the students can get the truth, the real facts, and learn to make their own decisions without coercion by multiple influences.

Democracy is no better than communism or totalitarianism as it is as corruptible and easily manipulated to fit a minority view, whether that view is healthy for a country or correct or not. Bush was elected with a minority of the votes because the 'democratic' system in place in America allows for others to vote the way they want which supercedes the majority will.

Korea has alot of good things going for it and the American/western influence is ruining it.

Re: "Guilty or not I find it

nice to hear it said


definitions of things need to be thought about and what we need, is for people to be fair...but, as long as were chasing that dollar round the sun it isnt likely to happen

Re: "Guilty or not I find it

As I recall, there's an old Masai expression: "'Never slap a lion in the face with your privates. You will surely pay for it." It was a safe bet that they would be "taken care of" in the most democratic way.It is sad, but I don't think they would care if the shoe was on the other foot.

Re: "Guilty or not I find it

This is the second time in two days that DreadEd209 has posted a reply to a year old thread.  Why is he doing this ?