need ur recommendation about indoor sports

hi~all of u

nowadays It's getting bloody hot....melting me... can't even breath properly

but, I wanna play sport something that not the oper air.

fool,bowling, something like that..

I wanna play something new,fun and activity...

waiting for ur recommendation.....................



Re: need ur recommendation about indoor sports

Only things I can suggest are badminton or table tennis (tagu). There are plenty of places to go as Koreans love these sports. Of course there is always the danger of some old man trying to 'train you'.


Also.... most universities have a rock climbing wall

Re: need ur recommendation about indoor sports

hihihihi in busan especially Kwang an ri?

yes yes! there is really good one in Kwang an ri! The name is 075 screen golf! easy to remember...huh

hang out with my colleagues than when it's really hot, we head to 075 to play fun.

B.Y.O beer-drinking-playing-make some noisy-fun!fun!fun! U gonna miss all the time.

by the way... there is big store in downstair! Beer Beer

051) 7575 075 to reserve      add Min Rack 114 near by Min Rack park