F2 female teacher needed job post (me pondering)

Not to whip a dead horse because the money is better than some of the part-time jobs listed but I'm wondering how many F2 female visa holders are there?

Firstly about 90% of all F2 visa holders are south-east asian mail order brides. I have worked in korea now for 15years and I have only ever known of one woman who has an f2 visa(married to a korean man). I don't think it's a long shot to say that of the 10% of us that are teachers on F2/f5, 90% or more of that are men.

 A female teacher here(from back home) with an F2 visa could write her own ticket. Most certainly be working at a university or college quicker than any man could get his foot in the door.  I'm sure would demand way more than what's being offered for even part-time work.  This ad's poster should realize the phone will not be ringing off the hook but it's ok to dream I guess. Koreans seem to think they can just 'get another' teacher.....not of this type, this is rare and exotic.

Re: F2 female teacher needed job post (me pondering)

Been here for 5yrs, yet I know a small population of F2 females here with decent jobs. In fact, I know one who works at the public and at large chained Academies for quite some time now. She is doin pretty damn great!

Re: F2 female teacher needed job post (me pondering)

Like busanmum said though they don't seem to stick around. Life must be hard here for foreign women. I know of three former F2 women who went home and two of them are now divorced. There korean husbands just couldn't get good enough employment and I think there were financial concerns.

Jet, the woman who works for a big chain must have ot make good money to stay there. I estimate I'd have to make over 5million/month at a hogwan(what school pays that? or how long could you keep running at that pace?) to equal what I get in paid vacations from the university I work for.

Re: F2 female teacher needed job post (me pondering)

A month of 3million won for over a year for an F2 isn't a financial burdern to the (Korean)family. They are all but part time jobs- in my calculation. So to my conclusion, she is doing pretty damn great!