Support Sae Gil Women's Shelter Food and Toiletries Drive!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 23:50


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The Saegil Women's Shelter in Busan needs our help!!!!!!  ATEK Busan Volunteers has begun a city wide donation drive. The donations that the shelter needs would include the following:  Canned foods, drinks, toothpaste, toothbrush, clothes, English teaching materials, toys, tissues, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, sanitary supplies, medicine, laundry detergent, utensils, etc.  

They are badly in need of said supplies due to the recent Korean law that restricts welfare for single mothers and children.  

We strongly encourage supply donations rather than in cash.  There are donation boxes located at the following places below.  

We hope that you participate in this year's drive event.  Stay tuned for weekly drink promotions and events at each of the bar below!

This will mean a great deal to the women and children at these shelters who need our help and support!!!! Spread the word and love around!!!!  Thank you! 

ATEK Busan Volunteers is an active community of volunteers in the Busan community. Anyone can join ATEK and we welcome you to join us at our future events. Join our Facebook page for the latest updates ATEK Busan Volunteers. ATEK is the Association for Teachers of English in Korea. We aim to improve the lives of English Teachers in Korea through community involvement. If you have questions, we'll work to get you the answers! Get involved today at


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Re: Support Sae Gil Women's Shelter Food and Toiletries Drive!

Is this the same place that used to call itself on here the 'Battered Women's Shelter'? If so I am so happy that they changed the name(I stated a thread about how the name had to go for obvious reasons); and I love the idea here. Nice!!!

Foreigners in Korea get a bad rap for just about everything so I hope some news places comments on this-how foreigners are helping Koreans in need as the goernment does not. People are people regardless of gender or race so all must be respected equally! A little love goes a long way! Cheers to all!

Re: Support Sae Gil Women's Shelter Food and Toiletries Drive!

If it is the same place I'm glad they came around to the name change.

Is there really a new law that restricts welfare benefits? If so I am kind of sad about that but on the other hand when you open up flood gates people take advantage of these programs. Look at the mess the west is in with welfare and entitlement programs, there simple isn't enough money coming in to pay for the needy going out.


Re: Support Sae Gil Women's Shelter Food and Toiletries Drive!

ya. agreed. luckily, here, most people take care of their family members which is nice but some do fall through the cracks; and i guess this is one such case which is very sad. i hope this is a huge success! maybe the haps can run something on this. be nice to get some print.