living cost in Busan???


I have been admitted in PKNU (Pukyong National University ). I am planning to come to Busan soon but I dont have any idea about the cost of living in Busan. Please help me find out how much the cost of an ordinary couple-life would be? I need a very cheap apartment such as a studio or one room apartment or any thing that is cheaper in an area close to the University, I am also not familiar with the subareas. My salary would be around 600 KRW. Deos anybody think it would be sufficient for a simple student living( monthly rent + living)?

Do you think if my wife can get a job as an English tutor there?

I really need help.

Thank you in advance.

Re: living cost in Busan???

You will also need to have the key money (deposit). There are places available from 5,000,000 deposit and about 500,000 a month.

Your wife could get a job as long as she is a native speaker with a university degree.

Re: living cost in Busan???

Around the uni you should be able to get a place with small to no key money (less than a 1,000,000) and under 300,000 a month but it won't be very nice.

Re: living cost in Busan???

my fiance and i live near the university (in daeyeon 1 neighborhood) and our apartment is 320,000 per month. It's a studio, but has a small separate kitchen and a small separate porch that we mostly use for storage. 

we're usually good with about 400,000 (after rent) per month for the two of us, and that includes food and going out on the weekends. however, if you have a big weekend out, that total jumps to about 500,000 or so.


Re: living cost in Jinju???

Average economic monthly living cost in Jinju for  tudent?

I am a student and would be sharing a room with my friend. what eould be the average economic living cost including food, clothing, rent except transportation as i will be living near the university. 

Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks