For Your Summer Reading List

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Here is the Amazon link for three books, which took me about ten years to write, and all of which I published in 2023. My two short story collections would make great additions to your summer reading list. The titles are, Adoration of the Korean: Expatriate Tales Made in Korea, and For the Love of Time: Tales From Home and Abroad. Fiction, quasi-fiction, and creative non-fiction are all intertwined in these stories inspired by both life in my hometown of Chicago and its suburbs, and my experiences living overseas for fourteen years. There is also a book of essays of political theory and literary criticism written in the distinctive tradition of writing I acquired during my graduate studies at The University of Chicago. The title is, Theory and Criticism in the Chicago Tradition: Ten Essays Composed Abroad. Follow the link to my Amazon page to find out more about these books and to purchase one, two or all three of them. Best of luck to you and thank you for reading.