Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation provided)

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Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation provided)


Come join us in our language and cultural exchange English cafe in Busan, the best city in Korea! We are looking for volunteers who can help Korean learners improve their English. Our community aims to provide a warm and lively environment where Korean students and foreigners can share their cultures and experiences in English. Korean students can learn about a variety of cultures and practice their target language from volunteers. Volunteers also can learn and experience Korean culture and make new friends at the cafe. Volunteers also learn different cultures and share ideas and informations each other.


Volunteers are required to have following characteristics and skills:

- Comfortable speaking English

- Love meeting and interacting with new people

- Enjoy learning new cultures and sharing their own cultures and experiences

- Interested in experiencing Korean culture and helping Korean students become more comfortable English speaker.


The cafe atmosphere is very laid-back and informal as volunteers are not expected to provide any teaching materials or formal lesson but rather moderate conversation and create a good experience for the students


. Accommodation A bunk bed in a dormitory-style room is provided for each guest in a shared apartment with other volunteers. Living spaces also include wifi, purified drinking water, laundry machines and a comfortable atmosphere for volunteers to interact with each other and plan activities together around Busan in their free time.


You can refer to following facebook page or video.



Andy 010-8009-1793

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Re: Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation ...

15 hours of volunteer work a week? How many people volunteer 15 hours a week? If you are lucky, people volunteer between 1 and 5 hours a week. What you are looking for is someone to work for free. I am also curious how much guests will pay to stay at this hostel?

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