University Students Global Korean Culture Tour Group

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University Students Global Korean Culture Tour Group

We are currently recruiting university students who are ready to take on an adventure, an one in a lifetime chance

Travel and explore beautiful cities in Korea while creating your own amazing video content to share with the world

And don’t worry about any travel expenses, we will cover your transportations fees, accommodation costs, etc.

TRAVEL, wherever you want, EAT whatever you want, and decide WHEN you want to go and explore the beautiful Korean culture together with your friends

Have 3 unforgettable and memorable trips all over Korea with us! This is your chance to experience an incredible summer you will remember forever 
So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW


Application period:
2021.05.31 - 2021.06.26 (Saturday 6:00 pm)

*Please visit the website for exact event duration


Kakaotalk: @갭이어
Phone Number: 
For Koreans: 02-318-2553(하수연)
For Foreigners: 02-3280-2559(Bella) 

*This project is founded by the GKL Foundation Group

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