Super sale at cheapest price (negotiable)

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Urgent sale at cheapest price!!

Fridge - 40,000 won (Buying price - 220,000 won)

Baby seater (chair) - 10,000 won (Buying price - 70,000 won)

Dining table with six chairs - 30,000 won (Buying price - 200,000 won)

Washing machine 12 KG (LG Brand) - 20,000 won (Buying price - 150,000 won)

Air conditioner (1 ton, Samsung brand) - 15,000 won (Buying price - 130,000 won)

Queen size bed with high quality mattress- 30,000 won (Buying price - 200,000 won)

Closet in almost new condition - 15,000 won (Buying price- 100,000 won)

Sofa- 15000 won (Buying price-150,000 won)

N.B. One baby stroller & closet will be given free. All items must be taken from home at your own management as item are being sold at water price. I have been unable to upload pictures of the items due to system but pictures can be sent personally if requested.

Contact: 010 2632 5871

Email: [email protected]

Thank You