Soccer team in Busan - recruiting players with experience!

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Hello everyone!


Me and a couple of friends created a soccer team in Busan called Celtic Tiger FC, using the name of the pub in Seomyeon that typically shows live Premier League games.

These days we are looking for extra players to play some games for us, any position is welcome and some experience would be preferred but ultimately we all have the same aim, which is to play together and have fun!

We do have kits and they are modeled after this seasons Celtic FC's kit from the Scottish premier league! We typically play in any location in Busan as we are a foreigner team so booking our own home location can be a little difficult sometimes.


If you're interested you can contact me here or via my instagram @___fromuktosk!

Thank you!


Would have loved to join your

Would have loved to join your team, I'm sure it would be nice. Unfortunately, I moved to Ulsan recently... Good luck though...