pre-loved books exchange, anyone?

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I'm looking for someone who would like to exchange (trade?) books with me. Someone who loves to read but knows it to be a costly hobby when searching for English editions -.- Or who, amidst decluttering, discovered some paperbacks that they've already finished but feel hesitant to bid farewell to.


All books are in a very good condition. Subject-wise, I'd like to move away from political economy or history and dive into something in the line of my most recent reads:

- Ocean Vuong, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

- Isaac Asimov, Foundation (the OG trilogy)

- Won-pyung Sohn, Almond

- Haruki Murakami, First Person Singular


(If I were to go as far as to have a wish-list, then it'll include:

- H.Murakami, Absolutely on Music

- Linda Sue Park, When My Name Was Keoko

- Ocean Vuong's poetry book(s)


This is by no means a pre-condition for the exchange! I just wanted to give an approximate idea of what genre of pre-loved books I am looking for.


p.s.: sorry for a long post *inserts pics of a potato*