Native Teacher from Daichi Offering English Lessons

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I am a  female native teacher  from San Francisco who is currently residing in west Seoul. I have lived in Korea for an incredibly long time and have twenty years of of teaching experience in all subjects of the English language.My major is English Literature. I also have teaching credentials from the state of California.  My teaching style is simple, effective and flexible.  I try to motivate and inspire students to always do their best so they can attain and fulfill their goals.

Listed below are the following classes I offer to students living in Seoul and the Gyeonggi District. 

Speaking- Daily conversation lessons, (1:1) or group lessons are available
Grammar and Writing- Students learn grammar rules, different parts of speech and its usages, they also learn various kinds of writing such as narrative, fictional, instructional, and expository,
Reading and Vocabulary- students learn 20-30 words per lesson and have assignments according to their lesson, they also read a level and age appropriate novel

Phonics, Reading, and Basic Writing- a class where young toddlers ranging from ages 3-6 learn the phonemic sounds and gradually begin to learn how to  read and write short words to sentences

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. Brief phone consultations or counseling is available. 
Class fees can be negotiable depending on the class, number of students and etc.