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My second collection of short stories, and my second book published this year, is now available for purchase on

From the troubled neighborhoods of inner-city Chicago, to the great woods of northern Michigan, to the idyllic campus environs of universities in South Korea, the short story collection, For the Love of Time: Tales From Home and Abroad, transports the reader to manifold destinations around the world. In these seventeen short stories composed between 2009 and 2022, the author, Andrew Lawrence Crown, introduces us to a multifarious assortment of characters, ranging from Native American warriors and princesses, to Vietnamese exchange students seeking opportunity and adventure through work and study abroad in South Korea, to forlorn expatriate professors and would be authors harboring fantastical hopes for renown and prestige in writing and letters, to strong-willed Asian wives and lovers striving with persevering fortitude to lead their wayward husbands and suitors away from the abyss of despondent dissolution and back into the dignified fold of common decency and honor. The stories in this volume, peopled by a multinational, multiethnic, and multiracial amalgam of characters from across the globe involved in foreign affairs of a romantic rather than political nature, promise to provide those willing to devote the time to reading these tales from home and abroad, with a literary experience as poignant and enlightening as it is entertaining in its examination of the attributes of love, art, and the pursuit of literature and philosophical wisdom as a way of life.