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Sajik Dong

My latest book, Theory and Criticism in the Chicago Tradition: Ten Essays Composed Abroad, is now published and available for purchase on Amazon.

In this collection of ten essays of political theory and literary criticism, Andrew Lawrence Crown applies the distinctive approach to the analysis of seminal texts he acquired during his graduate studies in Political Science at The University of Chicago in the early 1990s. Though he composed all but one of the essays in this volume many years after he left Chicago, and while residing overseas as an expatriate author and academic, Professor Crown’s treatment of the writings of Aristotle, Leo Strauss, Thomas Hobbes, Alexis De Tocqueville, George Orwell, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and John Dewey herein bears the unmistakable imprint of the Chicago approach to the study and analysis of the exceptional books of the Western tradition. Both scholars and general readers of refined tastes will find these essays to be keenly illuminating and superbly enlightening as they tackle some of the central and perennial problems of political theory, ethics, religion, history, literature as art, and human existence itself.

Cover art by my wife, Hyun Wook Choi-Crown.

Follow the link below to purchase the book on Amazon.

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