Moving out (Table, Chair, Book shelf)

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Pusan National University


Table - 5000 ₩. Condition is fine. The table is very light and thus it is easy to shake/swing if you apply force. But during 3 months of using didn't notice it so much.
Chair - 10000 ₩. Condition is fine. One drawback - the headrest has a little yellow paint on both edges. Other than that, pretty comfortable chair.
Book shelf - 10000 ₩. I think there are little scratches on it but overall condition is fine. 

Honestly, I do not know for how long these items were used because I bought/received them for free from this website. I used all of them for 3 months. 

Also, there is a discount. Because I need to get rid of it regardless, if you buy any 2 of the items, I'll give 50% discount on both items and the last item could be given for free to any person who will message me. If you want all 3 of them, I'll give all for free. 

Only if you are okay with coming for them. Near Jangjeon station (장전역). Deadline is 19.06