Licensed Teacher Seeking Full Time Position

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Anywhere In Busan

Good day. My name is Patrick Guilfoyle. Are you looking for a professional, dedicated and compassionate teacher? If so, I am available for work immediately.

I have an F5 visa, Education Degree (Secondary), Teacher's license and TESOL certificate.

I have taught all ages including Grade 1 through grade 12. I have also taught university students, businessmen, engineers, health care professionals. I also have 5 years of online teaching experience.

Here is a highlight of my experience:

  1. Teacher training.
  3. AP European History
  4. AP Politics
  5. Presentation English
  6. Have given over 400 English speeches in Korea since 2012.
  7. ADA Judge's certificate
  8. Conducted several Youth Leadership Training Workshops
  9. Co-wrote a high school English textbook in 2010
  10. Created EFL curriculum for elementary, middle, high school, and university students
  11. Summer and winter English camps
  12. Extensive Proofreading and editing experience

If you are looking for a teacher who "really knows how to teach" and "inspire" students, don't hesitaate to contact me. 

I will quickly send you my application material if you contact me.

Thank you for your time.