Korean textbooks written by bilingual doctorate of linguistics

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Korean textbooks written by a bilingual doctorate of linguistics, Soohee Kim, PhD; Emily Curtis, PhD; and Haewon Cho. These textbooks do not come with the accompanying workbooks; however, you can still use the textbooks without an issue.
If there is enough interest, Professor Kim may hold Zoom Korean classes. The first class would be free, but you would have to contact her to find out her schedule. If you purchase a book, I would pass on her contact information.
4,000won each. The cost of shipping is 4,000won. You can do a bank transfer to me, pay by PayPal, or pay upon delivery. Please message me with your name and address and indicate when you made payment. Park Pearl Ji Hyon. Please note that the account holder name is in English. Hana Bank (하나은행) account 315-910312-62207. If paying by PayPal is easier, please send me a message and I will give you my PayPal info.

As you see from the below Amazon ads, this is a very low price, due to an overstock of the book.
The textbooks are selling on Amazon for much more. You can read the reviews.
From Amazon's description of Volume 1.
The Volume 1 textbook covers the first semester of an introductory language course. It includes three units each with four lessons that cover topics relevant to student life. A preliminary chapter in Volume 1 allows students to learn Han'gul, pronunciation guidelines, and basic vocabulary before delving into the grammar based lessons where an immersion style or Korean-only approach may be used in class.<P> Lessons contain a vocabulary section with special exercises, a dialogue with easy-to-understand language notes, grammar instruction, exercises with both individual and partner activities, and a "Checkpoint" that presents short readings with all the grammar points from the lesson. "Culture Point" and "Language Point" sections throughout the textbook help clarify cultural nuances and proper etiquette.