Housing Wanted for Summer in Gwangan

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Hey All. I'm coming to Busan from early July to early-mid August. I'm looking for housing by Gwangan Beach. As close to the beach as possible. If the timing is off message me anyways, I'm flexible. 

If you're gone for the summer I'm happy to sublet from you.  I work remotely back in the US as a lawyer so just need fast WiFi. Would be nice if you had a TV with an HDMI hookup so I can use it as an extra screen.

The most important thing is closeness to the beach. The budget isn't a huge deal, just throw a number at me. Also, the apartment doesn't have to be fancy. If it is that's great too though! Just message me if you have something. I've lived in Gwangan for many summers so know the area exactly. 

Important: Nothing more than a 5 minute walk from Gwangan beach. Feel free to send me a Naver/Kakao map location to make it easy. 

You can message me at sp987 on kakao or @stephen__prince on IG. Happy to do a video call as well prior. I can pretty much guarantee if you are an expat living in Gwangan that we have some mutual friends. Easy way to provide a reference.