Experienced Instructor in Korea, Available Immediately

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UK native speaker with D-10 visa and twenty years' experience in Korea seeking new position immediately. I am looking ideally for a new adult-related position. However, I would consider a suitable elementary/middle/high option in the desired area, if available.

My experience includes:

* Former English teacher trainer (for a university TESOL certificate course)
* Business English experience including business email writing
* have worked with Korean and UK armed forces
* adult academy and high school experience, including split shifts

Looking for:

* ideally, an adult teaching position
* ideally, in the Masan/Changwon/Gimhae area (but flexible)
* ideally, with a housing allowance (not provided housing)

Please note that I do not have experience teaching kindergarten. Please do not contact me about such positions.

Time frame: Available right now.

Remote interviewing is possible through several video platforms. Please contact me through this website for more information.

Celebrating twenty years in Korea