Established, Experienced Native Instructor, March 2023

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Hi everyone,

I am a very mature (older age) UK science graduate who has been living and working in South Korea since July 2003, and at the moment I am working at a hagwon in Suncheon teaching English grammar, reading and writing to elementary, middle and high school students. However, in the previous five years I was teaching mainly adults. 

I am seeking a new, ideally more adult-oriented opening for the end of February/beginning of March 2023. All of my required documents are deposited with the immigration office system and I have a current E2 visa which expires in March.

Although I have been prepared to relocate around Korea in the past, the ideal position would be:

* in Gyeongsangnam-do, ideally in the Changwon area

* with a housing allowance rather than provided accommodation

* instructing adults - including university students and professions where my scientific background is a benefit to the students

* salary to be determined, but over the last six years this has always been ₩2,400,000 - ₩2,500,000 per month plus housing allowance

I would prefer to sign the accommodation contract and manage payments myself.

Please note that although there appears to be a lot of experience relating to children in my resume, I do not consider them to be my prime teaching target. Also, I do not have kindergarten experience and would not wish to do phonics or literature. 

However, I am certainly open to persuasion regarding employment conditions (especially location) where a sufficiently compelling case can be made.

If you wish to contact me, please do so through this web site in the first instance. If calling, please text me first to identify yourself and to let me know that you are calling.



Eighteen years in Korea - and counting!