English Teacher from London looking for teaching position in Busan

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Gwangan or Haeundae-gu


Hello, my name is Samuel Russom and I am a CELTA-certified English teacher.


I currently live and teach in London and am looking for a teaching position in Korea, Busan. Preferably near Gwangan or Haeundae-gu.


Before becoming a teacher I worked at AIG and some of my responsibilities were to teach, train and provide presentations. This was provided to employees within AIG and companies that worked with AIG in countries across the world. While people should never stop learning and growing my experience and the skills I have learned have helped me in the classroom. 

I communicate clearly and make sure that I grade my language to the level and age of the students. I have been taught and teach using the student-centered format and while trying to make sure my students learn as much as they can during the lesson I do make the lessons interactive, engaging, and interesting


I have taught teenagers, adults, and professionals in one-to-one sessions, but I am happy to teach all ages.


I do understand that I will need to learn and get used to Korean cultural but I am curious by nature, have visited Korea, and have friends that I have been talking to for a few years. During this time I have learned and come to enjoy and appreciate Korean culture and humor.


Due to my current contract, I can start in late April, but I will need sponsorship for my E2 visa. I am also studying Korean but 저는 한국말을 잘 못해요.



Housing provided

Should you require further details, do not hesitate to contact me.


[email protected]