Cheap One room

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Jangjeon 2 dong

Busan, geumjeong Gu. Geumsaem-ro 17 beon_ gil 8-4 105 <sanjang villa>.

부산시 금정구 금샘로17번길 8-4 105호<산장빌라>

Deposit: 1,000,000 won < monthly fee: 250,000 won>

Contact Nagalakshmi on 010-9950-0619 or 010-5402-9030

  • Washing machine and air conditioning equipment
  • Fresh and clean air with Geumjeong mountain
  • Access to public transport, convenience store, café and restaurants.
  • A short walk to Pusan University, Sigmulwon garden, E-mart store.

Check Photos of house here: